About Us


E2E Events was established by Sonia Sansom, who has worked in the event management business for the last 20 years. She’s an enthusiastic, creative event professional who thrives on challenges. When asked what the secret of her success is, she says, “keeping a sense of humour while taking work seriously and paying attention to the details. When managing events, knowing how to have a good time is ‘fun’damental.” But don’t worry, she doesn’t always talk in bad puns.

Michele Roberts is E2E’s business development manager. She was literally born into customer service. “I grew up living above my parents’ business.” she says. “From birth, my parents used to put me on the counter as they served customers, developing my people skills from very young age.  Shyness was never an option!” Michele has been involved in events for longer than she’ll admit and believes that nothing is more important than listening to what customers want.

Sonia and Michele are supported by a team of freelancers, who they can call on to meet any needs a customer might have. Extra event managers? Check. Photographer? Of course. Entertainers? A wide range, no matter what atmosphere you’re after. Technical support? They have people specialising in everything from AV to transport. Someone to write newsletters or report on an event for a company magazine? No problem. Picking and choosing the right team for each event means customers get what they want at the best price as overheads stay low.